Exterior Painting

For most of us, the largest and most gratifying purchase we will make in our lives.  After that initial purchase however regular maintenance of your home is essential.  Part of that is ensuring the exterior is cared for, especially in our harsh climate.

Paint does more than just add curb appeal. Paint protects your home from the sun, heat, rain, moisture, humidity and wind and other elements of the weather. All of these leaves your home vulnerable to cracks, small gaps, and peeling that give water an entry point that can result in mold and rot. Preparation and quality products are the key to a long-lasting, paint job to ensure your home is protected. 

A brief summary of what we do:

Pressure clean and mildew treat exterior – Ditch below grade where possible to ensure proper sealing – Apply sealer coat – Caulk window returns, door frames, ceiling lines, joints and decorative bands with Elastomeric Caulk – Repair Cracks with Plastiflex Elastomeric Patch Compound – Apply finish coat.


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